Configuring Sockets

Begin by adding your building to the DT_Buildings DataTable Add a new socket to the CompatibleSocketNames array, here you determine what sockets that this building component can be placed on, in this example, Door is our compatible socket name, every building that has the socket “Door” we will be able to snap our new building to. … Read more

Simple Building System 1.2 Update

Version 1.2 is now available on the UE4 Marketplace! Added a Health system to finished buildings, use Q to apply damage to a finished building Added a damage system Added destruction system to buildings Added socket placement for buildings Added visual sockets for placement locations Major changes in the C-Foliage component, a lot of improvements Configuring … Read more

Simple Building System Sockets

The socket system is an easy way to determine the location of a new building that you want to place in the world. There is a new array in the DT_Buildings DataTable that allows you to specify what sockets that this building is compatible with, for example: The door building is compatible with a Door … Read more

Integrating Simple Build System with Multiplayer Survival Game Template

Assets required for integration Before you begin, please read the following! START BY BACKING UP YOUR PROJECT BEFORE MIGRATING, I take NO responsibility if You or Unreal Engine mess up the Migration/Integration process. The Multiplayer Survival Template doesn’t have a default definition of Resources such as Wood or Stone, therefor, if you want to … Read more