Farming System 1.1 Update

The Farming System 1.1 Update contains a lot of fixes and improvements Max Harvesting Distance Making the player unable to harvest and water plants when exceeding the set range. Removed several blueprint interface functions Replaced with a single Struct instead (PlantState) Cleaned up a lot of the variables and functions in the BP_FarmActor Replaced with … Read more

Farming System + MSGT (Multiplayer Survival Game Template)

HOW TO INTEGRATE THE FARMING SYSTEM WITH THE MULTIPLAYER SURVIVAL GAME TEMPALTE (MSGT) Begin by Migrating the Farming System to your MSGT installation Add the FarmingSystem component to the MSGT’s SurvivalController Copy the Events from the BP_PlayerController (inside the FarmingSystem folder) to your SurvivalController, EXCEPT the last event (Input: E), we’ll add this to the … Read more

Farming System – HOW TO USE

HOW TO ADD THE FARMING SYSTEM TO YOUR OWN PROJECT Begin by Migrating the FarmingSystem to your own project Add the Component to your PlayerController Check the example BP_PlayerController on what functions/events to execute from your own PlayerController. Settings Enable Snapping Enable/Disable placement snapping when placing new farm actors Enable Trace Interaction Enable/Disable the Farming … Read more