SteamCore 1.3.2

General Fixed a missing include in NetworkingTypes.h UGC Fixed a UFUNCTION meta typo in UGCAsyncActions.h Inventory Fixed GetResultItemProperty not returning a proper string value StartUpdateProperties did not return a SteamInventoryUpdateHandle Refactored several functions Renamed struct FDeleteItemResult to FUGCDeleteItemResult SteamCore::Web General Renamed enum EValueType to ESteamValueType Renamed enum EJsonResult to ESteamJsonResult

Creating an “Advanced Session”

HOW TO CREATE AN ADVANCED SESSION USING STEAMCORE SteamCore:: doesn’t come with a single node that lets you create an “Advanced Session“, however the utilities to create an “advanced session” does exist, let’s take a look at how we can achieve this. CREATING THE SESSION The CreateSession node used in Unreal Engine essentially creates a … Read more Creating an “Advanced Session”