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SteamCore::Web 1.15

  • Bug fixes

SteamCore::Web 1.13

  • Added UE4.25 Compability

SteamCore::Web 1.12

  • Renamed some conflicting delegate names
  • Renamed GetEnumAsString function
  • Fixed packaging with Nativization enabled

SteamCore::Web & Microtransactions

Quick guide to setting up Microtransactions with SteamCore:: and SteamCore::Web


SteamCore::Web Settings

Make sure your SteamCore::Web Project Settings are set, don’t forget to enable “Sandbox mode” for MicroTXN Interface (this way, you won’t be charged money when testing transactions)

Steamworks Settings

Edit your Steamworks Settings for your application, navigate to Community > Inventory Service, make sure Enable Inventory Service is enabled.

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