Thumbnailer 1.3.1

General Added camera rotation buttons to the preview window Camera Speed Control widget now overrides the camera speed to allow even slower camera speeds than Unreal allows by default Camera Rotation Buttons can be turned off from the Settings menu Changed layout of some of the Thumbnailer buttons Camera Rotation Buttons New Button Layout

Thumbnailer 1.3

General The entire UI of Thumbnailer has been overhauled and given a brand new look Clamped preview window size if Thumbnail resolution is too small, otherwise the preview window will shrink to a unusable size Added new alignment tool: Crosshair Added new alignment tool: Capture frame Added 2 new alignment tools, these utilities will help … Read more

Creating Thumbnail Borders

You can use the PostProcess material features with the Thumbnailer Plugin to create special effects, in this case we’ll take a look at how to make a simple Border around our image. Creating the Material Begin by creating a new Material, make it a “Post Process” material, the 0.1 const value determines how “thick” our … Read more