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Preview: Thumbnailer 1.12

  • Changed default texture group for thumbnails

Thumbnailer 1.11

  • Removed a couple of lambdas that werent needed anymore
  • Fixed Static Mesh and Skeletal Mesh tabs, they were showing more categories than needed
  • Fixed SkyLight issue not applying correctly
  • The floor in the preview window will now adjust to the bottom of the preview mesh
  • Added a overwrite confirmation if you are about to overwrite an existing thumbnail file
  • You can disable / supress the overwrite dialog from the settings menu

Thumbnailer 1.1

  • Added Field of View adjustment in Settings Menu
  • Enabled bForceMipStreaming of textures to deal with TextureStreaming
  • Lots of code cleanup

Creating Transparent Thumbnails


You can create thumbnails with transparent background / no background!
Begin by opening your Project Settings and search for Stencil, select “Enable on Demand

Make sure you enable “Use custom depth mask” in the Thumbnailer Window