FoliagePlugin 1.5.3

General You can now override the event “HandleFoliageDamage” in FoliageActors to add custom logic. In the example below we’ll reduce a Health value to 0 before giving the resource to the player. Added ReduceRemainigUses to FoliageActors Added SetRemainigUses to FoliageActors Added AddRemainigUses to FoliageActors

Foliage Plugin 1.4.1 Update

Changed the HandleFoliageReward function signature inside the FoligeActor that can be overriden to implement custom logic for handling the reward data. Changed FoligeRewardData struct to BlueprintReadWrite to enable modifying the reward data in blueprint overridable events. OnFoliageHarveted interface fucntion is now BlueprintCallable Optimized Replication using FastArraySerializer Fixed an issue where the blocking object types didn’t … Read more Foliage Plugin 1.4.1 Update