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Foliage Plugin 1.5

  • Added UE 4.25 compability

Foliage Plugin 1.4.1 Update

  • Changed the HandleFoliageReward function signature inside the FoligeActor that can be overriden to implement custom logic for handling the reward data.
  • Changed FoligeRewardData struct to BlueprintReadWrite to enable modifying the reward data in blueprint overridable events.
  • OnFoliageHarveted interface fucntion is now BlueprintCallable
  • Optimized Replication using FastArraySerializer
  • Fixed an issue where the blocking object types didn’t always block respawns / despawns

Foliage Plugin 1.4 Update

  • Moved the Foliage Plugin Actor Class from Project Settings to Data Table Settings so you can have different Foliage Actors depending on your resource
  • Rewards on Harvest now has a Min and Max value
  • Valid Damage Types is now an array of Damage Types so you can have multiple damage types for one resource

Foliage Plugin + Multiplayer Survival Game Template (MSGT)

Create the Foliage Data Table

Create the Foliage Plugin Actor Blueprint Class

Assign the Data Table and Foliage Actor blueprint in Project Settings > Foliage Plugin

Change the Component Class for your foliage to use the “FoliagePluginComponent” as seen below

In your data table, add a new “Tree” resource, example below:

Implement the Foliage Plugin Interface in the SurvivalController Blueprint

Right click anywhere inside the Event Graph (SurvivalController) and add the Interface Event as seen below:

An example of how to add foliage rewards to your inventory

Inside the SurvivalController Event Graph, Right click and create a new event as seen below:

Open the C_Manager-HUD Blueprint Component and modify the InteractiveTrace function to output the Hit Result

Inside the GetActionType Function (SurvivalController), add an input pin of Hit Result type as seen below:

Connect the Hit Result you just created, inside the “InteractAction” function (SurvivalController)

Modify the “GetActionType” function and add the event call you created earlier as seen in yellow:

Foliage Plugin + Survival Game Kit (SGT)

Enable the Foliage Plugin

Create the Data Table (Foliage Data)

Create a Blueprint Class of type FoliagePluginActor

Assign the Data Table and the Foliage Actor in the Project Settings

Change the Component Class for your Foliage to use the “FoliagePluginComponent

Create a new Tree resource in the Foliage Data Table you previously created, see example below

Create a new Rock resource in the Foliage Data Table you previously created, see example below

In the BP_SurvivalCharacter Blueprint, add the Foliage Plugin Interface

Example of adding the harvested resources to our inventory

Example of how to enable Melee Weapons to harvest Trees and Rocks

Open the “BP_MasterMeleeWeapon” Blueprint (/Blueprints/Holdables/BP_MasterMeleeWeapon) and modify the “Give Damage Once” function to the example below

Example of how to enable harvesting with “E” Interact Key

Open the “BP_PlayerInventoryComponent” (/Blueprints/Components) and modify the “Is inventory actor?” macro

Open the “Is interactable?” Macro and modify as such