What is AWSCore::GameLift?

There are 2 plugins available in the AWSCore::GameLift family. GameLiftClient and GameLiftServer

GameLiftServer is what is used on a dedicated server only. This plugin is what “controls” what the server instance does, when it should start or terminate, for example.

GameLiftClient is the plugin that Clients/Players use to communicate with Amazon GameLift, handling matchmaking, creating and finding sessions and much more.

Amazon GameLift is a dedicated game server hosting solution that deploys, operates, and scales cloud servers for multiplayer games. Whether you’re looking for a fully managed solution, or just the feature you need, GameLift leverages the power of AWS to deliver the best latency possible, low player wait times, and maximum cost savings.”


Getting Started

Getting Help

The official GameLift documentation can be found here:

Example Project

There are two Example Projects that you can download, one is for GameLift Server and the other one is a GameLift Client. Both projects are currently in development and new features will be added.

GameLift on Linux

If you want to run AWS Linux Instances with these plugins, there are a couple of requirements that you can find here: