GameLift: Initializing Client


Before we can initialize and use GameLift, we need to create Access keys that we use to Identify ourselves with Amazon GameLift.

Follow these tutorials on how to create an Access Policy & Assign a user to our Policy.

  1. Creating an Access Policy
  2. Create a new user and assign our Policy

Initializing GameLift Client

Using our newly created Policy & User credentials we can Initialize GameLift inside Unreal Engine.

Using GameLift

After you’ve “Created a GameLift Object” we can start accessing GameLift functionality!
You can find all GameLift functions by searching for GameLift in the Context menu

You can use utility function “GetGameLiftObject” to get the last created GameLiftObject, if you create a new object then this function will return that object. You can store a reference to the object instead if you want to use multiple GameLift Objects.

Finding Sessions

Joining a Session

More Examples

Check out the downloadale Example Project