SteamCore 1.4.4

General Added Utility function “GetPublicIp” as an alternative way to get your Public Ip GameServer Added Pure & Compact versions for “GetServerSteamID“ Added Pure & Compact versions for “GetServerPublicIP“ GameSearch Added GameSearch interfaceThere is literally no documentation regarding this interface but it’s now exposed and available in Blueprints GameSearch Interface

Configuring Steam

Open your Projects DefaultEngine.ini located in \ProjectDir\Config\DefaultEngine.ini, paste the code (or parts of it) shown below and customize to your needs. MAKE SURE you don’t already have these settings in your Config file before copy-pasting.

SteamCore 1.4.3

SteamCoreWeb Refactored and cleaned up unused code Removed OnFailure callback from all Async functions All async functions now only have 1 return callback instead of 2 (OnSuccess/OnFailure) You will need to update all your Async functions to the new Callback execution pin Updated the Example Project to match the new update SteamCore General Updated the … Read more

SteamCore 1.4.2

General Added an extra check when running Async functions that SteamPtr is valid You can now pass in Session Attributes when creating SteamCoreSessions You can now pass in Search Settings when searching for SteamCore Sessions Search results will try to populate the SearchSettings array when finding Sessions