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SteamCore and Tags

Using Tags to filter out servers or lobbies using SteamCore is very simple and this document is hopefully going to clear things up for you!

Tags & Dedicated Servers / Sessions

Tags are separated by “,” comma sign, in this case we’ll use the tags “dedicated” and “modded” as an example.

Filtering Sessions / Servers

In this example we’re going to filter out all servers that are not Dedicated

Tags & Lobbies

Creating a lobby with “tags” (Lobby Data)

Filtering Lobbies

In this example, we’re only interested in servers that are Modded

SteamCore 1.17

  • Added compability with Unreal Engine 4.25
  • Updated Steamworks version v1.47 (UE 4.25+)
  • Added bUsesPresence option to CreateSteamCoreSession node
  • Added IsValid nodes for several steam handles
  • Added IsValid exec nodes
  • Added IsIdentical exec nodes


  • Added GetLaunchCommandLine function (sdk 1.46, ue 4.24+)

SteamCore 1.16

  • Added IsEqual and IsNotEqual blueprint nodes for PublishedFileID type
  • Added IsNotEqual blueprint node for SteamID type
  • Added overloaded C++ operators != and == for comparing FPublishedFileID
  • Added overloaded C++ operator != for comparing FSteamID
  • Added BitFlags meta tag to ESteamItemState enum
  • Fixed Documentation for SteamUtils
  • CreateSteamCoreSession should now work with all subsystems
  • FindSteamCoreSession should now work with all subsystems
  • DestroySteamCoreSession should now work with all subsystems
  • Renamed GetEnumAsString function
  • Fixed packaging with Nativization enabled


  • Added a function to invite friends to play via Remote Play Together (BSendRemotePlayTogetherInvite) (UE 4.25+)


  • Added RequestEncryptedAppTicket nodes
  • Added RequestStoreAuthURL nodes

SteamCore 1.15

  • Added a custom Destroy SteamCore Session node that supports Session Names
  • Added == comparison helper for Steam IDs in blueprints

SteamCore 1.14

  • Minor changes to CreateSteamCoreSession
  • Minor changes to FindSteamCoreSessions
  • Added error messages when calling SteamAPI functions when steam is not properly loaded / available
  • Fixed some includes needed for using SteamCore:: in a C++ project
  • Made changes in Steam.h to automatically detect Steamworks version depending on engine version rather than having to manually edit the value
  • Fixed crash issues on Linux when launching server