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EOSCore:: 1.6.4

General Session address was being malformed on creation when creating a session OnlineSubsystemEOSCore Added OnlineAchievementsInterface Added OnlineFriendsInterface...

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EOSCore:: 1.6.3

General A lot of code cleanup / refactoring and optimization All ClientData paramaters have been removed from blueprint nodes, as they are unnecessary...

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EOSCore:: 1.6.2

Online Session Interface Fixed a nullptr exception when updating a session Implemented DestroySession

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EOSCore:: 1.6.1

General Changed the logging category for EOSCore:: from EOSCoreLog to LogEOSCore Lobby GetLobbyInviteIdByIndex changed output from being a string to a...

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Finding Sessions

REQUIREMENTS EOSCore:: Plugin Setup the EOSCore:: plugin Configure the OnlineSubsystemEOSCore FINDING SESSIONS You can use the default FindSessions node...

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