GENERAL New bonus example: Password protecting your games MATCHMAKING SERVERS Added a Timeout value to the RequestInternetServerList function Added a “OnRefreshCompleted” callback New function: ReleaseRequest Releases the asynchronous server list request object and cancels any pending query on it if there’s a pending query in progress. The RefreshComplete callback will not be posted when request is released. … Read more


GENERAL Changed how xaudio2_9redist.dll is located Added more debugging output New EOSCoreShared module, this module is a link between the EOSCore and EOSCoreSubsystem type definitions Login node will now clear bound delegate to OSS login completed delegate, should no longer be called multiple times when logging in AUTHENTICATION Fixed error 14 EOS_Auth_Login on IOS devices


userstats UploadLeaderboardScore no longer requires to you pass in an empty array MatchmakingServers RequestServerList no longer waits for all results to populate before firing it’s Callback function, it will now callback as soon as any server responds


GENERAL Fixed login node callback being triggered twice from OSS when using DeviceIdLogin node may still trigger several callbacks when using other authentication methods since it may do multiple authentication attempts depending on the authentication method All subsystems will now clear all Notifications for every interface on shutdown and do proper cleanup of all callback … Read more