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SteamCore & Authenticating Steam Users

If you are hosting a multiplayer game (or single player), you might want to validate/authenticate the player. With SteamCore it’s very easy! Getting...

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SteamCore & Dedicated Server

DISCLAIMER I will not give support for issues related to firewall and/or not being able to see your server, as this is out of the scope of this plugin,...

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SteamCore Update 1.11

Increased Steam Authentication Key buffer size, authenticating with GameServers should now work properly Create SteamCore Session & Find SteamCore...

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SteamCore Update 1.1

Added a Macro to define what Steam SDK version we’re using.(UE 4.24 contains both SDK 1.42 and 1.46), this allows us to compile the plugin for both...

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ISteamUtils Interface Interface which provides access to a range of miscellaneous utility functions. Steamworks Documentation:

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