General Added a SteamCoreGameMode, this class purpose is to provide an easy way to override the PreLogin function to bypass the unique id check. You can reparent your blueprint class to the SteamCoreGameMode class if you wish to override this.Related error: incompatible_unique_net_id

How to test Steam functionality

Requirements when testing There are a couple of requirements when testing Steam functionality that may not be so obvious. Make sure you’ve configured Steam in your DefaultEngine.ini, you can find the DefaultEngine.ini settings here You must have the Steam Client running and be Logged In to an account that owns the game you are testing. … Read more

Inviting/Joining your Friends

There is no default Invite handling using the Steam OSS in Unreal Engine 4 but with SteamCore you can implement this functionality using only Blueprints! Make sure you’ve setup the “GetLaunchCommandLine” in your Steamworks Settings, please read the function description here In order for rich presence joins to go through this and not be placed … Read more

SQS Creating a User

Creating a SQS User Go to and login to your Amazon Account and access the IAM Console Click on “Users” and then “Add User“ Name your user user and check “Programmatic Access“ On the next screen click on “Attach existing policies directly” and search for SQS You can skip the “Tags” page Verify your settings and click on “Create User“ … Read more

Joining from Steam Client

This example is meant to be used in conjunction with the “Creating an Advanced Session” guide, if using any other method you will have to customize this example further. HANDLING “JOIN GAME” FROM STEAM CLIENT If you want your friends to be able to join your game from the Steam Client (while game is not … Read more