SteamCore Update 1.11

  • Increased Steam Authentication Key buffer size, authenticating with GameServers should now work properly
  • Create SteamCore Session & Find SteamCore Sessions have been updated

SteamCore Update 1.1

Added a Macro to define what Steam SDK version we’re using.
(UE 4.24 contains both SDK 1.42 and 1.46), this allows us to compile the plugin for both UE 4.23 and 4.24 without having to manage two seperate projects.

The caveat with this method is that all functions and subsystems will list as available in 4.23 but will not return the expected result since 4.23 doesn’t have the correct Steam SDK 1.46 version.

New Interfaces

  • ISteamNetworkingUtils
    Steam SDK 1.46 (UE 4.24+) (will not work in UE 4.23)
  • ISteamInput
    Steam SDK 1.46 (UE 4.24+) (will not work in UE 4.23)
  • ISteamRemotePlay
    Steam SDK 1.46 (UE 4.24+) (will not work in UE 4.23)
  • ISteamScreenshots
  • ISteamAppList
  • ISteamParentalSettings
  • ISteamMusic


  • Removed BroadcastUploadStart_t callback (removed in SDK 1.46)
  • Removed BroadcastUploadStop_t callback (removed in SDK 1.46)


  • Removed NewLaunchQueryParameters_t callback (removed in SDK 1.46)
  • Added BIsSubscribedFromFamilySharing function (SDK 1.43)+


  • Added ActivateGameOverlayToWebPage function (SDK 1.46 only)


  • Added SetAllowLegacyUpload function (SDK 1.43+)

General Changes

  • Added ToString() to all Async Tasks to properly output a debugging string when failed/succeeded
  • Added DisabledSubsystems to Plugin Settings
  • Added AsyncTaskTimeout to Plugin Settings
  • Misc code cleanup
  • Plugin will now compile for Linux