SteamCore 1.4.5

Warning, this update will most likely break your project if you are using any of the SteamCore source files in your project.
Be aware that this update will include additional steps when updating.


  • Almost all source files (both .cpp and .h files) have been renamed to include the Steam prefix, for example Inventory.h is now SteamInventory.h, this is to eliminate conflict issues that arise when plugins or engine source use the same naming convention.
  • Directories have also been renamed to include the Steam prefix, Inventory => SteamInventory

EventDispatcher 1.5.4


  • Removed logging bool from EventDispatcher Settings
  • Plugin will now check if a valid EventIdentifier object was provided when registering a new event
    Thanks to Mightyy for finding/reporting this


If you want to enable logging for EventDispatcher, add this to your DefaultEngine.ini




  • Cleaned up all Async callbacks
  • All async callbacks are now run on the gamethread
  • Fixed bEnabled setting getting disabled when changing SteamCore settings


  • GetItemState function now also returns an array of Item States rathern than just a flag (integer)


  • Fixed UTF to TCHAR conversion for Server Info