SteamCore::Web Plugin

What is the SteamCore::Web Plugin?

The SteamCore::Web Plugin is a Steamworks WEB API Plugin that enables you to utilize Steamworks WEB API for your Unreal Engine 4 Games

Official Documentation

Getting Started

Make sure the SteamCore::Web plugin is enabled

To utilize the Steamworks WEB API, you must aquire your own Web API key from Valve. Read more here

When you’ve aquired your own Web API key, you can start using the SteamCore::Web Plugin with your own AppID. See the settings window below for more information.


  • AsyncActionsTimeout
    How long (in seconds) until we force timeout Async Actions (if they fail to respond)
  • DisabledSubsystems
    Disabled Subsystems wont get created
  • Debugging
    Will print HTTP request strings
  • DevMode
    Disable HTTP requests, will only print HTTP request strings (without processing them/actually sending them)
  • Key
    Steamworks Web API publisher authentication key.
  • AppID
    Your AppID
  • DevSteamID
    Useful when developing, set a temporary steam id to use
  • SandboxMode
    If enabled, we will use the Sandbox interface ISteamMicroTxnSandbox, This interface is identical to the regular ISteamMicroTxn interface, but no actual transactions will occur.

Example Project

You must own the SteamCore::Web plugin to use this example project