SteamCore 1.18

  • Deprecated GetIdentifier function for SteamID
  • Deprecated GetIdentifier function for SteamGameID
  • Fixed UGC enum comments
  • Fixed conversion type errors (TCHAR_TO_UTF8 -> UTF8_TO_TCHAR)


  • Added MakeSteamID Native Function
  • Added MakeSteamGameID Native Function
  • Added MakePublishedFileIDNative Function
  • Added MakeUGCHandle Native Function
  • Added MakeInventoryUpdateHandle Native Function
  • Added MakeTicketHandle Native Function
  • Added BreakSteamID Native Function
  • Added BreakSteamGameID Native Function
  • Added BreakPublishedFileID Native Function
  • Added BreakUGCHandle Native Function
  • Added BreakInventoryUpdateHandle Native Function
  • Added BreakTicketHandle Native Function
  • Added IsUsingP2PRelays function (ue 4.24+)
  • Added GetHostPingData function (ue 4.24+)
  • Added GetPingFromHostData function (ue 4.24+)
  • Added IsRecalculatingPing function (ue 4.24+)

    Ping functions are for the SteamSockets NetDriver ONLY

Special thanks to ROJO on discord for suggesting these changes


  • Fixed crash if SteamGameServer() interface is not available


  • Added Async function for DownloadItem


  • Screenshot functions are now static


  • Changed ServerRule delegate callback data to an array of FGameServerRule
  • ServerRules function parameter port renamed to queryPort
  • ServerRules function returns an array of FGameServerRule
  • Fixed FGameServerRule data conversion
  • RequestInternetServerList has an option to filter out non responsive servers
  • RequestInternetServerList now returns an array of servers rather than per result callback
  • Added Filtering Options to RequestServers

ServerFilter Class

Added a new ServerFilter object class that can be constructed at Runtime. This object can be passed into the “RequestServer” function to filter out server results