SteamCore 1.16

  • Added IsEqual and IsNotEqual blueprint nodes for PublishedFileID type
  • Added IsNotEqual blueprint node for SteamID type
  • Added overloaded C++ operators != and == for comparing FPublishedFileID
  • Added overloaded C++ operator != for comparing FSteamID
  • Added BitFlags meta tag to ESteamItemState enum
  • Fixed Documentation for SteamUtils
  • CreateSteamCoreSession should now work with all subsystems
  • FindSteamCoreSession should now work with all subsystems
  • DestroySteamCoreSession should now work with all subsystems
  • Renamed GetEnumAsString function
  • Fixed packaging with Nativization enabled


  • Added a function to invite friends to play via Remote Play Together (BSendRemotePlayTogetherInvite) (UE 4.25+)


  • Added RequestEncryptedAppTicket nodes
  • Added RequestStoreAuthURL nodes