Foliage Plugin 1.4 Update

Moved the Foliage Plugin Actor Class from Project Settings to Data Table Settings so you can have different Foliage Actors depending on your resource Rewards on Harvest now has a Min and Max value Valid Damage Types is now an array of Damage Types so you can have multiple damage types for one resource

Foliage Plugin 1.2 Update

Added a overridable function “HandleDestructibleDamage” in the Foliage Plugin Actor to customize dealing damage to the destructible mesh component Added a overridable function “HandleFoliageReward” implement custom foliage reward logic Added function “HandleFoliageImpulseOnDepletion” to implement custom logic when a foliage actor is depleted Added Linux compability Added Unreal Engine 4.22 compability

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Foliage Plugin + Multiplayer Survival Game Template (MSGT)

Create the Foliage Data Table Create the Foliage Plugin Actor Blueprint Class Assign the Data Table and Foliage Actor blueprint in Project Settings > Foliage Plugin Change the Component Class for your foliage to use the “FoliagePluginComponent” as seen below In your data table, add a new “Tree” resource, example below: Implement the Foliage Plugin … Read more

Foliage Plugin + Survival Game Kit (SGT)

Enable the Foliage Plugin Create the Data Table (Foliage Data) Create a Blueprint Class of type FoliagePluginActor Assign the Data Table and the Foliage Actor in the Project Settings Change the Component Class for your Foliage to use the “FoliagePluginComponent“ Create a new Tree resource in the Foliage Data Table you previously created, see example … Read more

Foliage Plugin Damage Types

Setting up Damage Types for the Foliage Plugin If you haven’t setup the Foliage Plugin yet, follow this tutorial first. Create a new Blueprint Class based on the DamageType Set the new Damage Type required in your Foliage DataTable When Applying damage to your Foliage, specify the new Damage Type All done, if the incorrect … Read more