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Thumbnailer 1.1

  • Added Field of View adjustment in Settings Menu
  • Enabled bForceMipStreaming of textures to deal with TextureStreaming
  • Lots of code cleanup

Pinging Steam Lobbies and Servers

As of SteamCore:: 1.18 you can now ping lobbies using Blueprints and the SteamSockets Plugin (built into unreal engine)!


Getting Started

Enable the SteamSockets Plugin

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SteamCore:: Filtering Server Results

SteamCore:: 1.18 gives you the ability to Filter out server results that we get back from Steam, lets take a look at how we can use this!

Constructing the Object

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SteamCore 1.18

  • Deprecated GetIdentifier function for SteamID
  • Deprecated GetIdentifier function for SteamGameID
  • Fixed UGC enum comments
  • Fixed conversion type errors (TCHAR_TO_UTF8 -> UTF8_TO_TCHAR)

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Foliage Plugin 1.5

  • Added UE 4.25 compability