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Foliage Plugin – Destructible Meshes

Setting up Destructible Meshes with the Foliage Plugin If you haven’t setup the Foliage Plugin yet, follow this tutorial first. Create a Destructible...

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Foliage Plugin – Getting Started

Enable the Foliage Plugin Create the Foliage DataTable Create a new Foliage Blueprint Actor (FoliagePluginActor) child In Project Settings > Foliage...

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Configuring Sockets

Begin by adding your building to the DT_Buildings DataTable Add a new socket to the CompatibleSocketNames array, here you determine what sockets that this...

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Simple Building System 1.2 Update

Version 1.2 is now available on the UE4 Marketplace! Added a Health system to finished buildings, use Q to apply damage to a finished building Added a...

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Simple Building System Sockets

The socket system is an easy way to determine the location of a new building that you want to place in the world. There is a new array in the DT_Buildings...

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