EventDispatcher Plugin

What is the EventDispatcher Plugin?

The EventDispatcher plugin is a Global event/dispatcher handler and manager. Create Global events that can be called from anywhere and bound to anything that has a WorldContext Object (Actors, UObjects, Widgets, etc etc).

Getting Started / How to use

Event Identifiers

First we must begin by creating an Event Identifier object, it’s really simple, just follow these steps:

  • Right click in your Content Browser, select “Misc” and “Data Asset
  • Select the “EventIdentifer” type
  • Name your event anything you want, in this example we’ll call it “MyEvent

Simple Events

Registering the Event

Executing the Event

Every time you call “Invoke Simple Event” with the “MyEvent” identifier, the registered callback will execute and do whatever logic you implement there.

Payload Events

You can use custom Objects (a payload) to send any kind of data you want!

Creating a Payload Object

Create an object based on the PayloadObject type

Verify Payload Object Blueprint

Setting up our data

Register a Payload Event

Calling / Invoking a Payload Event