SteamCore 1.20


  • RequestServerList will now cancel any current active search queries before initiating a new one
  • PingServer will now cancel any current active queries before initiating a new one
  • ServerRules will now cancel any current active search queries before initiating a new one

EOSCore 1.2


  • Fixed EOSCore:: Initialization Issues
  • Updated EOS SDK to version 1.6.2
  • Fixed an issue where the plugin would not load in a packaged project
  • Added more debugging info


  • Friends interface is now finished and available!


  • Added additional callback information when uploading/downloading files


  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where EOS_Auth_PinGrantInfo::VerificationURIComplete value was garbage

EOS Core

  • Bug Fix: (Mac only) Force an ANSI allocator when a memory allocator isn’t specified by the application Tracking an issue where new/delete isn’t matching up with some of the SDK internal third party libraries

EOSCore:: Remote Storage

Using Remote Storage

You can use the Epic Online Services Remote Storage for free, with any game, and it’s super simple! Let’s get started!

Setting Up

Make sure you have setup your project, read Getting Started on what you need to setup first!

We’ll use a regular local account for now (you can link external accounts later like your Steam Account, Epic account etc later).

After logging in, it’s just a matter of uploading or downloading our files!

Uploading Files

Downloading Files

It’s as simple as that! The EOSCore:: plugin will handle the rest such as reading, writing and sending data.

Tracking Upload / Download Progress

There is a delegate that you can bind that will broadcast every time EOSCore:: gets an update from the EOS SDK to keep track of how your upload/download is doing.

EOSCore:: Social Overlay

Enabling the Social Overlay

The Social Overlay will be available in Packaged Builds & Running the Standalone Client in Editor ONLY! Running the game in PIE (Play in Editor) is DISABLED!

To use the Social Overlay you must AUTHENTICATE the player (using the regular Connect interface is not sufficient)