• Updated EOS SDK to 1.14.2

Version 1.14.2

February 1, 2022


  • New:The anti-cheat bootstrapper now supports specifying the name of the .json from which the values will be parsed. To provide a custom .json file invoke the bootstrapper with the following included: -anticheat_settings=Custom.json. Note that the file must still be placed in the same directory as before.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the anti-cheat bootstrapper failing to launch for users with non-ASCII characters in their Windows username.
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue where the anti-cheat bootstrapper would strip quotes when forwarding arguments.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the Steam Overlay initializing on the anti-cheat bootstrapper loading window.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed anti-cheat bug that caused games to fail to start on Fedora Linux.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the anti-cheat integrity tool sometimes failing for working directory paths that include non-ASCII characters.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a possible memory leak in AntiCheatServer.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a potential crash with a very high number of players in a single game server or with a poor backend connection.
  • Improved layout of anti-cheat integrity catalog files.
  • The anti-cheat interface’s ProtectMessage and UnprotectMessage functions may now be called from any thread, however they are not thread safe and must not be called from more than one thread concurrently.
  • Improved error logging for ProtectMessage and UnprotectMessage.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed EOS_Auth_VerifyIdToken failing for tokens that were received from game clients using a differing Client ID from the server’s Client ID.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed EOS_Auth_VerifyIdToken not being allowed to be called by game clients.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed EOS_Auth_VerifyIdToken not rejecting expired tokens.
  • Added returning ApplicationId, ClientId, ProductId, SandboxId, DeploymentId and external account information in EOS_Auth_VerifyIdTokenCallbackInfo to the caller.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the EOS_Connect_AddNotifyLoginStatusChanged would not fire when auth expires except in rare cases. Registered callbacks will now correctly be notified when a user is logged out due to auth expiration.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed EOS_Connect_VerifyIdToken failing for tokens that were received from game clients using a differing Client ID from the server’s Client ID.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed EOS_Connect_VerifyIdToken not being allowed to be called by game clients.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed EOS_Connect_VerifyIdToken not rejecting expired tokens.
  • Added returning 88ClientIdProductIdSandboxId and DeploymentId in EOS_Connect_VerifyIdTokenCallbackInfo** to the caller.
  • New: The EOS SDK version and configuration information are now written to log output on startup to help with troubleshooting.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where EOS_Ecom_Transaction_CopyEntitlementByIndex was not populating the CatalogItemId of EOS_Ecom_Entitlement properly.
  • Bug FixLeaderboards – Fixed crash in Leaderboards sample when using a Leaderboard configured to never expire.
  • Bug Fix: Resolved an Auth issue in the Login samples (iOS/Android).
Session Based Matchmaking
  • Sessions that enforce sanctions can now be created. Sanctioned players may neither join nor register with a session that was created with sanctions enabled. See Sanctions for more information.
Social Overlay
  • Bug Fix:Fixed a very rare crash in the communication layer between the SDK and EOS Overlay
Title Data Storage
  • Logging has been improved for many error cases


  • Added log entries for cases where the encryption/decryption fails. Error logging already existed for invalid arguments.

Console Specific

Nintendo Switch
  • New: Updated the Nintendo Switch Nintendo SDK version to 13.3.0 from 11.4.3.


  • When the anti-cheat bootstrapper is provided with a custom icon it will sometimes appear blurry.
    • This will be resolved with the next release