EOSCore:: 1.4

General Updated EOS SDK to 1.7.0 EOSCore:: will now compile for Linux.Linux functionality is untested Lobby Fixed missing AddNotify IDs not being set properly New function: EOSLobbyAddNotifyLobbyInviteAccepted New function: EOSLobbyRemoveNotifyLobbyInviteAccepted New delegate: OnLobbyInviteAcceptedCallbackInfo P2P EOSP2PSendPacket now supports optional reliability and optional ordering. Ordered packets are only ordered relative to other ordered packets. Ordered packets are always … Read more

EOSCore:: 1.3

Authentication Changed authentication Scopeflags from being an enum to a bitmask field Ecom The Ecom interface is now available!

EOSCore:: 1.21

General Completely rewritten how Async Tasks work, they are no longer queued and will be executed immediately instead. Async Actions have been simplified, replaced OnSuccess/OnFailure with OnCallback, also removed ClientData parameter Added two new functions, “GetCurrentProductId” and “GetCurrentAccountId“, these will be set nativly by the plugin on successful login Presence The Presence interface is now … Read more