TSA Beta Patch Notes v0.6

Patch notes for TSA v0.6 Bug Fixes FIXED* Zombies would sometimes not respawn in Protect the Civilians game mode FIXED*¬†Players would sometimes spawn next to another player in Deathmatch FIXED Friendly player names not showing in Zombie Brawl Game Mode FIXED Players could still control a vehicle after being killed FIXED Removed can respawn timer … Read more

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Steam store launch for Just Us

The steam store page for Just Us has finally launched! http://store.steampowered.com/app/612660/Just_Us/ And with it, a brand new trailer!

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The Simple Apocalypse

Visit the Project Page for The Simple Apocalypse for more information regarding this game.

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Integrating the Foliage System with the Survival Template (MSGT)

Begin by migrating the FoliageSystem to your MSGT Content folder     Add the C-Foliage component to your SurvivalController     SurvivalController > GetActionType() function     Copy all the Events and variables from GS_FoliageGameState Blueprint Paste them into the SurvivalGameState Blueprint.     You’ll also have to re-create the 2 missing functions inside the … Read more