Foliage Plugin 1.4.1 Update

  • Changed the HandleFoliageReward function signature inside the FoligeActor that can be overriden to implement custom logic for handling the reward data.
  • Changed FoligeRewardData struct to BlueprintReadWrite to enable modifying the reward data in blueprint overridable events.
  • OnFoliageHarveted interface fucntion is now BlueprintCallable
  • Optimized Replication using FastArraySerializer
  • Fixed an issue where the blocking object types didn’t always block respawns / despawns

Foliage Plugin 1.4 Update

  • Moved the Foliage Plugin Actor Class from Project Settings to Data Table Settings so you can have different Foliage Actors depending on your resource
  • Rewards on Harvest now has a Min and Max value
  • Valid Damage Types is now an array of Damage Types so you can have multiple damage types for one resource

Foliage Plugin 1.2 Update

  • Added a overridable function “HandleDestructibleDamage” in the Foliage Plugin Actor to customize dealing damage to the destructible mesh component
  • Added a overridable function “HandleFoliageReward” implement custom foliage reward logic
  • Added function “HandleFoliageImpulseOnDepletion” to implement custom logic when a foliage actor is depleted
  • Added Linux compability
  • Added Unreal Engine 4.22 compability
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Foliage Plugin + Multiplayer Survival Game Template (MSGT)

Create the Foliage Data Table

Create the Foliage Plugin Actor Blueprint Class

Assign the Data Table and Foliage Actor blueprint in Project Settings > Foliage Plugin

Change the Component Class for your foliage to use the “FoliagePluginComponent” as seen below

In your data table, add a new “Tree” resource, example below:

Implement the Foliage Plugin Interface in the SurvivalController Blueprint

Right click anywhere inside the Event Graph (SurvivalController) and add the Interface Event as seen below:

An example of how to add foliage rewards to your inventory

Inside the SurvivalController Event Graph, Right click and create a new event as seen below:

Open the C_Manager-HUD Blueprint Component and modify the InteractiveTrace function to output the Hit Result

Inside the GetActionType Function (SurvivalController), add an input pin of Hit Result type as seen below:

Connect the Hit Result you just created, inside the “InteractAction” function (SurvivalController)

Modify the “GetActionType” function and add the event call you created earlier as seen in yellow: