FoliagePlugin 1.5.3


  • You can now override the event “HandleFoliageDamage” in FoliageActors to add custom logic. In the example below we’ll reduce a Health value to 0 before giving the resource to the player.
  • Added ReduceRemainigUses to FoliageActors
  • Added SetRemainigUses to FoliageActors
  • Added AddRemainigUses to FoliageActors

GameLiftServer Linux

Using the AWSCore::GameLiftServer plugin requires you to install the OpenSSL libraries in your AWS Linux Instance. Example

sudo yum -y install openssl11-libs.x86_64 
sudo chmod u+x ./GameLift_Server/Binaries/Linux/GameLift_ServerServer

Uploading GameLiftServer

The most important part here is that you use the AMAZON_LINUX_2 type and not the default Amazon Linux Instance.

copy d:\_compile\AWS\LinuxServer\
aws gamelift upload-build --name GameLiftServerTest --build-version 1.0.0 --build-root D:\_compile\AWS\LinuxServer --operating-system AMAZON_LINUX_2 --region eu-west-2