Integrating the Foliage System with the Survival Template (MSGT)

Begin by migrating the FoliageSystem to your MSGT Content folder



Add the C-Foliage component to your SurvivalController



SurvivalController > GetActionType() function



Copy all the Events and variables from GS_FoliageGameState Blueprint
Paste them into the SurvivalGameState Blueprint.



You'll also have to re-create the 2 missing
functions inside the SurvivalGameState



Open the Str_Resources struct file inside /FoliageSystem
change the RewardWhenHarvested struct type to "Str_SGT_Inventory_Entry"



Change the Struct type inside BPI_Foliage, see image below.



Open the BP_MasterResource Blueprint, re-connect the
missing link inside GetRewardFromFoliageActor() function.



Replace the old Blueprint nodes with the 
ones you see below inside C-Foliage Component




Open the function ReplaceInstanceWithActor inside C-Foliage Component
replace GS_FoliageGameState with SurvivalGameState.



Edit DT_Resources, change the Reward settings to whatever you
 want this Tree to reward the player with.



Make sure the ResourceMesh is EXACTLY the same as
the Mesh you are "planting" with your Foliage Placement tool.



SurvivalController > BeginPlay, it should look like this:



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