• Fixed an issue when running a server on a custom port

EOS SDK 1.10.2

Release Notes


  • Bug Fix: Fixed EOS_Auth_CopyUserAuthToken so it does not return the previous expired auth token if auth refresh fails during a loss of connection, it will now return EOS_EResult::EOS_NotFound (as the user has been previously logged out).
  • Bug Fix: Fixed missing scopes permissions after auth token is refreshed. This fixes calls to EOS_Presence_SetPresence that were failing with EOS_NoPermission after the refresh.


  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with Auth.AuthInterface.LinkAccount where it would unexpectedly fail due to an invalid parameter.
  • Moved Connect.ExternalCredentialType enum to be under Auth.ExternalCredentialType.


  • Debug info now stripped from Mac dynamic library (libEOSSDK-Mac-Shipping.dylib).


  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where being offline for over an hour, and still calling EOS_Platform_Tick, can lead to SDK Configuration causing an infinite value exception which would crash the SDK.


  • Bug Fix: Added LocalUserId parameter for querying Leaderboard definitions, ranks and user scores to adhere to a client policy which requires a valid logged in user.


  • Increased the max lobby count per user from 4 to 16


  • Bug Fix: Added EOS_Auth_AddNotifyLoginStatusChanged to register for login status changes and ensure a user is logged out in sample when SDK has logged a user out (e.g. due to failed auth).
  • Bug Fix: Fixed memory leak in Leaderboards sample when querying user scores.
  • Achievements definitions list is now shown when the user logs in and hidden after the user logs out.
  • Stats ingest button is disabled when there are no users logged in.