How to edit Blueprint USTRUCTS() in Unreal Engine

Before attempting ANY of this, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING!! I take NO RESPONSIBILITY if You or Unreal Engine mess up when editing a Blueprint USTRUCT(). Make sure you BACKUP your project BEFORE doing ANY USTRUCT() work in Unreal Engine 4. First of all, open your “Project Settings” and select the “Entry” map as the “Editor … Read more

Integrating Simple Build System with Multiplayer Survival Game Template

Assets required for integration Before you begin, please read the following! START BY BACKING UP YOUR PROJECT¬†BEFORE MIGRATING, I take NO responsibility if You or Unreal Engine mess up the Migration/Integration process. The Multiplayer Survival Template doesn’t have a default definition of Resources such as Wood or Stone, therefor, if you want to … Read more

Simple Build System Settings

Simple Build system Settings Explained. Enable Permissions If you want to enable the Permissions system, otherwise the system will not check Ownership of buildings Placement Offset This is an offset used for building placement, when you spawn the build actor into the world it will inherit this offset, there are also in game functions to … Read more