GameLift: Assign User to Policy

After creating our Access Policy (from this guide), we’ll create a new user and assign that user to our newly created Policy. Go to and login to your AWS account Click on “Users” then “Add user“ Give your user a Username and AccessType “Programmatic Access“ Click on Attach existing policies directly, then search for the policy … Read more GameLift: Assign User to Policy

GameLift: Access Policy

Creating an Access Policy Go to and login to your AWS account Click on the “Policies” button when you are logged into IAM Click on Create Policy Select “JSON” type policy Copy-paste this codeblock into the text editor The result should look like this, click on “Review Policy” when done Give our Policy a … Read more GameLift: Access Policy

GameLift: Dedicated Server

Initializing a GameLift Server We must first create a Server Object, this can be done via blueprint or native c++. If you want the ability to override Gamelift server events, you can create a new child class of parent type “GameLiftServerObject” (see example image below) Overridable functions (optional) Constructing the Server Object We’re going to … Read more GameLift: Dedicated Server