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SteamCore Plugin

What is the SteamCore Plugin?

The SteamCore Plugin is a Steam API Plugin that enables you to utilize Steamworks for your Unreal Engine 4 Games


The SteamCore Plugin consists of several different modules that will be released once they are ready.


  • ForceGameThreadExecution
    Should we force delegate exeuctions on the game thread?
    This is required if we are binding delegates in UMG widgets since they have to be called on game thread or slate thread.
  • Enabled
    Enable / Disable Steam
  • bRelaunchInSteam
    Should the game force a relaunch in Steam if the client isn’t already loaded
  • bVACEnabled
    Enable Steam VAC
  • bAllowP2PPacketRelay
    Should Steam P2P sockets all fall back to Steam servers relay if a direct connection fails
  • P2PConnectionTimeout
    Timeout (in seconds) period for any P2P session
  • SteamAppID
    AppID of your application
  • SteamDevAppID
    SteamDevAppID of your application
  • Port
    Steam Server Port
  • GameServerQueryPort
    Steam Server Query Port
  • GameVersion
    Current game version