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What is EOSCore::?

EOSCore is a Epic Online Services implementation for Unreal Engine 4, it enables you to use the Epic Online Serivces with Blueprints.



Tutorials and Examples

Getting Started

Make sure the EOSCore:: plugin is enabled

You can find your Product ID, Sandbox ID, Deplyment ID, Client ID and Client Secret at the Developer Portal.

Edit your DefaultEngine.ini file, add the following lines and set them to your own values, (DefaultEngine.ini is found in YourProject\Config

ProductName=EOSCore Product

Validating Initialization

Make sure the EOSCore Module Loaded text appears in your Output log when opening your project

When you press PLAY in the Editor, check that the “EOSCore Plugin Initialized” is displayed in your Output log, you don’t have to run the editor in Standalone or Package your project to use EOSCore features, except the Social Overlay that is disabled in Editor.


With EOSCore:: you have access to several EOS Interfaces, we use interfaces to talk to the Epic Online Services SDK.

This list is not complete

Both examples below access the same interfaces, choose your own style.

For more examples, check out the downloadable Example Project.

Example Project

You must have the EOSCore:: plugin Installed or copy it to the Example Projects \Plugins folder to use the Example Project.

What is currently available in the Example Project

  • Achievements
  • Chat
  • Friends
  • Leaderboards
  • Lobbies
  • Matchmaking Sessions
  • Sessions
  • Player Data Storage
  • Presence
  • Stats

Download Example Project .ZIP

Example Project @ GITHUB

The EOSCore:: plugin does NOT come with support for the Epic Online Services, if you have questions regarding setup and general Epic Online Services questions, please refer to the official documentation for this. You are of course welcome to ask questions, but should not expect support for answers found in the official documentation.

This is not a Epic Online Services Documentation, you can find the official documentation here, this page is just an example on how to use with blueprints and getting started.