Patch notes for TSA v0.6

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED* Zombies would sometimes not respawn in Protect the Civilians game mode
  • FIXED*¬†Players would sometimes spawn next to another player in Deathmatch
  • FIXED Friendly player names not showing in Zombie Brawl Game Mode
  • FIXED Players could still control a vehicle after being killed
  • FIXED Removed can respawn timer if deaths >= player lives
  • FIXED Players could enter buildings when “inside” another building, now only allows you to enter a building if you are actually on the ground
  • FIXED Death animations sometimes ending up in a T-pose when animation was finished
  • FIXED Removed spawned item physics state
  • FIXED You can no longer join games that are in progress for game modes: Simple Royale and Protect the Civilians
  • FIXED Dead state not properly set/reset on player death causing player being unable to respawn in rare occations

New features

  • Added Aim sensitivity
  • Render scale in video options
  • Added in game “Scanner”, you now have the ability to scan for nearby items and enemies (NPCs only), they will highlight for a few seconds, making it easier to find Zombies in COOP game modes etc.
  • Added player health bar
  • Added player stamina bar
  • Added player scanner cooldown bar
  • Added the ability to invite steam friends to your game session
  • Added 33 Steam Achievements**
  • Added HIT Indicators to player hud when taking damage, including hit direction
  • Added player sprinting & stamina
  • Added more enterable buildings
  • Added game music
  • Added game localization***
  • Added whiskey bottles that will give you a stamina boost


  • Added Melee Weapons, also the option to set game modes to melee only
  • Added muzzle flash to weapons
  • Added weapon ammo & Weapon ammo counter to HUD
  • Added weapon reload animations & sound
  • New melee weapon: Fire Axe

Simple Royale

  • New game mode: Simple Royale, a simple “Battle Royale” game mode
  • Added Battle Royale shrinking ring, if you are outside of this ring, you take damage


  • New vehicle: Garbage Truck, has 400 HP and a Machine gun, slow attack speed
  • Increased Tank torque, making it.. less clunky


  • Zombie Brawl game mode is now a Melee only game mode
  • Zombie Brawl game mode now has random spawn points instead of all players starting at the same location
  • Removed 3d health widgets from ALL players and vehicles, only enemy NPCs have them
  • Disabled the ability to enter some buildings in death match mode
  • Assault Rifle boosted damage
  • Rocket Launcher lowered damage, added more inaccuracy when shooting
  • Sniper Rifle slightly increased fire rate and boosted damage
  • Lowered player base walk speed, you will walk slower then Zombies but you now have the ability to Sprint

*Needs more testing
**Still working on achievements
***Language localization is still work in progress, mostly for testing at the moment