• Fixed login node callback being triggered twice from OSS when using DeviceId
    Login node may still trigger several callbacks when using other authentication methods since it may do multiple authentication attempts depending on the authentication method
  • All subsystems will now clear all Notifications for every interface on shutdown and do proper cleanup of all callback objects, adding redudancy if the developer forgets to remove notifications on shutdown
  • Changed notification objects to be TSharedPtr for better memory management
  • Refactored callback objects
  • New function: ListenForEosMessages
    You can now receive EOS logging messages in blueprints (see image below)
  • New function: RemoveListenForEosMessages
  • Renamed all blueprint functions (metadata) to match the EOS SDK functions, also to reduce their “length” as some functions where not visible in the context menu
  • Fixed FConnectCreateDeviceIdOptions DeviceModel string buffer size


  • Fixed a missing include for EOSCore Logging


  • Added missing function: “EOS_Lobby_CopyLobbyDetailsHandleByUiEventId