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Player Tickets


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You can now use the PlayerTickets Web API with the new EOSCoreWeb module, this feature allows your players to submit In-Game tickets for ban-appeals, questions or whatever you want the player to be able to submit to you.

Epic Online Services (EOS) provides a Ticketing System to support your products from a centralized location using an automatically generated, preassigned email address and a public web API key. The ticketing system supports:

Tracking open, in-progress, and closed tickets
Merging related tickets
Replying to end-users who have submitted a ticket and receiving replies

Web API Key

First off you must get your Web API Key from the Epic Developer Portal for your Product/Application, you can find this by going to “Player Ticketing” > “Show API Key” Button, see provided screenshot:

Submitting a Ticket

The EOSCoreWeb module makes it easy to submit tickets, all you have to do is enter your Web API Key and fill out the information you need in the Request

The Result