Cognito: Create User Pool

AWS Console

Go to and login to your account, click on “Services” and search for Cognito in the result window

Search for “Cognito”


When you arrive at the Cognito web page, make sure to select your AWS Region in the top right corner (I’ve selected London in this case)

Select region

After you’ve selected your region, click on “Manage User Pools” button

Creating your User Pool

Create a new Pool

Name your pool

Customizing the Pool

Name your pool then click “Step Through Settings

Customize your pool settings on how you want your players / users to sign up

Customize your settings

Password Settings

Customize the settings to fit your requirements

Account Recovery Settings

Customize your Account Recovery Settings, or use the default values

Email settings, Tags

You can skip these settings or customize them to your needs, no explanation needed here.

Devices Settings

Customize your Devices settings, click “Next step” when done

Configuring your App Client

Enter a name for your app client “my app client” is used in this example

  • Uncheck “Generate Client Secret
  • Check “Enable username password based authentication” (ALLOW_USER_PASSWORD_AUTH)

Click on Create app client when you’re done

After you’ve created your App Client, it should be selected in the next screen, if not then select it and click “Next Step


You can skip the Triggers settings for now, just click on “Next Step”

Finish creating the Pool

Review your pool settings then click on the “Create pool” button