EOSCore:: 1.21

General Completely rewritten how Async Tasks work, they are no longer queued and will be executed immediately instead. Async Actions have been simplified, replaced OnSuccess/OnFailure with OnCallback, also removed ClientData parameter Added two new functions, “GetCurrentProductId” and “GetCurrentAccountId“, these will be set nativly by the plugin on successful login Presence The Presence interface is now … Read more EOSCore:: 1.21

EOSCore 1.2

General Fixed EOSCore:: Initialization Issues Updated EOS SDK to version 1.6.2 Fixed an issue where the plugin would not load in a packaged project Added more debugging info Friends Friends interface is now finished and available! PlayerDataStorage Added additional callback information when uploading/downloading files Authentication Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where EOS_Auth_PinGrantInfo::VerificationURIComplete value was garbage … Read more EOSCore 1.2

EOSCore:: Social Overlay

Enabling the Social Overlay The Social Overlay will be available in Packaged Builds & Running the Standalone Client in Editor ONLY! Running the game in PIE (Play in Editor) is DISABLED! To use the Social Overlay you must AUTHENTICATE the player (using the regular Connect interface is not sufficient) Links https://dev.epicgames.com/docs/services/en-US/Overlay/index.html https://dev.epicgames.com/docs/services/en-US/Overlay/Social/index.html