EOSCore:: Commandline Arguments

Available Arguments -AUTO_LOGINWill attempt to Auto-Login if you have saved PersistentAuth credentails saved on your computer (previous successful authentication) -AUTH_TYPE=DEVTOOLCurrently only supports: DEVTOOL -AUTH_LOGIN=xxxAutentication ID for Auto-Login -AUTH_TOKEN=xxxAuthentication Token for Auto-Login Example Usage Logging in to your instance of DevTool at localhost:1111 Auto-Login with previously saved credentials

EOSCore:: 1.6.7

General New Commandline Argument: -AUTH_LOGIN=xxx New Commandline Argument: -AUTH_TOKEN=xxx New Commandline Argument: -AUTH_TYPE=xxx You can now Auto-Login to the DevTool using the above Commandline arguments. Read more about Commandline Arguments OnlineSubsystemEOSCore Fixed bAllowInvites attribute not being set properlyThanks to Ding for finding this Made Experimental changes to the OnlineSubsystem, it might cause unexpected behavior and … Read more EOSCore:: 1.6.7

EOSCore:: 1.6.6

OnlineSubsystem Fixed NetUniqueId issues that were not being set correctly when logging in, making it impossible to Create Sessions Auto-Login The plugin can now Auto-Login when you start up your Game / Project. To use this feature add “bAutoLogin=true” to DefaultEngine.ini You can also launch your Project / Game with the –AUTO_LOGIN command line argument … Read more EOSCore:: 1.6.6

EOSCore:: 1.6.5

General Changed how callbacks are handled Code refactoring Updated EOS SDK to version 1.7.1 UI New function: “Add notify display setings updated“ New function: “Remove notify display settings updated“ EOS SDK CHANGELOG Lobbies EOS_LOBBYMODIFICATION_MAX_ATTRIBUTE_LENGTH has been increased to 64 Added EOS_LOBBY_SEARCH_MINCURRENTMEMBERS for searching for a lobby with a minimum member count Added EOS_LOBBY_SEARCH_MINSLOTSAVAILABLE for searching for a lobby with minimum … Read more EOSCore:: 1.6.5