EOSCore 1.8.0

General This update is only available for UE4.25+ REMOVE ALL PREVIOUS EOSCORE DEFINITIONS FROM YOUR DefaultEngine.ini FILE WHEN UPGRADING! Updated EOS SDK to version 1.9.0 Added “FromUnixTimestamp” function to convert a Unix timestamp to a blueprint string Added UserIndex to GetCurrentProductId Added UserIndex to GetCurrentAccountId All blueprint nodes now require a WorldContextObject All blueprint defined … Read more EOSCore 1.8.0

EOSCore:: 1.7.7

General Added a couple of nullptr checks Title Storage The Title Storage Interface enables developers using Epic Online Services (EOS) to retrieve encrypted data from cloud servers. Data that you store through this interface is accessible to any user on any device where they can log in. While similar to the Player Data Storage Interface, this interface is specialized to … Read more EOSCore:: 1.7.7

EOSCore:: Credentials

This guide will show you how to obtain your Credentials that you use in your DefaultEngine.ini configuration file. Head to https://dev.epicgames.com/portal, login and select your Project. (Or create a new project if you don’t have one yet) ProductId SandboxId DeploymentId ClientId Client Secret Epic Account Services If you want to use the Epic Account Services … Read more EOSCore:: Credentials