EOS: Logging In / Authentication

EOSCore version 1.8.0 now has a Login function that is meant to simplify the login process. Logging in via Device ID Read more about DeviceId here AuthType: PasswordCredentialsType: DeviceId Access Token LoginId is your DisplayNameToken is unusedData is unused Logging in via Epic Portal AuthType: AccountPortalCredentialsType: Epic LoginId is unusedToken is unusedData is unused Loggin … Read more EOS: Logging In / Authentication

EOS Android Multiplayer

Requirements Unreal Engine 4.25+ EOSCore:: 1.8.0+ To enable Multiplayer when using an Android Phone, you must edit your AndroidEngine.ini configuration file, this is the android equivilent to DefaultEngine.ini, just copy-paste your settings from the DefaultEngine.ini to your AndroidEngine.ini, see the example below. This example will allow you to connect using the EOS NAT P2P Interface … Read more EOS Android Multiplayer

EOS Dedicated Server

Requirements EOSCore:: v1.8.0+ Unreal Engine 4.25+ A working Unreal Engine Dedicated Server DefaultEngine.ini Since Dedicated Servers don’t need to use Relay Servers, we have to disable the EOS NetDriver, simply removing the declarations here will disable using the EOS NetDriver. Launching Dedicated Server We’ll use Commandline arguments to authenticate and launch our server, the example … Read more EOS Dedicated Server